R&R and The Best Korean Masks

"The root of joy is gratefulness." - David Steindl-Rast

Happy early Thanksgiving, beautiful people!

Is it just me or has 2016 flown by?! It seems the older we get the faster time moves. Remember when we were in grade school and three months of summer break felt like a whole year? I'm feeling awfully nostalgic thinking about it and also very grateful for the way life has transpired since then. This certainly isn't where I pictured my 26 year-old-self to be (not that I had any idea about anything in life), but I do believe that I am living my best life today. While we should be grateful every day, all the time, I can appreciate holidays like these, however lost their origins may be, because they help me to pause time a little and focus on what really matters.

Before I get into the details of these awesome Korean masks, I wanted to take time out to highlight some of the things that I feel most grateful for this year.

  1. Healthy mind
  2. Healthy body
  3. Family
  4. Good and true friends
  5. A great job with even better people
  6. Living in NYC
  7. Ability to travel
  8. My church
  9. My mentors
  10. Disappointment
  11. Kindness of strangers
  12. Good people with big hearts
  13. This blog! 
  14. Love and its inability to fail you should you use it correctly - which is to GIVE it
  15. YOU and the fact that you are reading this right now

I am thankful for way more things than that, I promise. But these were the first to come to mind. I'm also thankful for smaller less significant things like ice cream and the fact that the internet has NO CHILL and can turn even the most horrifying things into ridiculous memes within seconds. Seriously, these people on IG are hilarious! Laughter truly is the best medicine.

Oh and last but certainly not least, I'm thankful for the fact that the holidays bring an aspect of rest and relaxation to our hectic everyday lives. This holiday break I plan to catch up on a few hours of sleep and take some extra time to do the things that are best for me. That brings me to...


Korean Masks

If I'm being completely honest, these masks are part of my regular routine. As you may or may not know, I'm really into skincare, so I squeeze these babies in whenever I can. Time and flawless skin waits for no one, darling.

If you're into skincare you've definitely heard of the emerging world of Korean beauty. If you haven't heard of its benefits I'll give you an overview. In general, Korean skincare is associated with long routines that aim to give you healthy, plump, glowing, and dewy skin. I've heard of some processes that are 27 steps long (yes, you heard me right)! Again, I'm someone who's really really into skincare. A Saturday night in for me means a series of masks, scrubs, serums, and goodness. I'm excited just writing about it. I'm down with several steps, but 27 steps is a little cray. 

If this is all new to you and you're thinking "Ok, there's no way I'm spending hours doing this", I feel you. However, I want you to consider the fact that treating your skin with the respect that it deserves is an investment of time, energy, and in some cases money, but not even necessarily if you do your research. Alicia Yoon, the founder of Peach and Lily, a Korean Beauty company, once said in an article that I read, something along the lines of the fact that skincare is like working out. You're not going to have a hot bod after an hour at the gym. Likewise, you're not going to have flawless skin after using one mask or being good about taking off your makeup every day for a week. You need to be committed. I honestly can't remember the last time I went to bed with makeup on and I cringe at the stupid youthful days when I did. So so bad - even if it's just eyeliner. TAKE IT OFF.

The idea behind Korean beauty is that your investment will yield results overtime. What's important, however, is to find out what exactly your skin needs so that you can treat it appropriately.

Sheet Masks

Part of the Korean beauty hype are sheet masks. You've seen them floating around Sephora, I'm sure. That being said it can be difficult to know what actually works and which products are worth your hard earned coins. These masks aren't that expensive in general but they can be depending on where you get them and the brand. 

My Recommendation

There's a brand called Naisture that I've only been able to find on Amazon, but they are amazing masks. Like, so so good. In fact, I discovered them while getting a a glycolic facial once. I had paid like $50 extra for a hydrating treatment mask. After I was done I noticed the packaging of the mask that my esthetician used so I sneakily snapped a picture and decided to see if this was a product I could find on my own. You gotta be smart about these things, people. Turns out I was right. The mask that I paid $50 for you could buy on Amazon for $10...for a pack of 5. Absurd, I know. It also doesn't take rocket science to put a mask on, you can do it too.

I purchased a couple different varieties but I've found that my two favorite for moisturizing and reviving tired skin are the Pearl Mask and the Collagen Mask.



  • 100% cotton
  • Made in Korea
  • 5 sheet masks per package

You'll want to leave the masks on for about 30 minutes. The packaging says 15-20 minutes, but I'm an extremist when it comes to these types of things. I'm looking for maximum results. Once your alarm goes off you'll massage the excess solution into your skin. It might feel a little sticky at first but that will go away.

Pro Tip: There will be extra solution in the packaging once you take out the mask to put it on your face. I like to squeeze that out and put it on my décolletage. This is your neckline area, ladies. It extends to the boob area. It's kind of preventative, but also great to keep things nice and soft there. You'll feel results right away.

Try these masks out. Seriously, at the price point you won't regret it. They make a great holiday gift and if you order them using Amazon Prime you'll have them either the same day or next.

Check them out here (click photo for link):

Wishing you all the happiest of Thanksgivings! Hoping that you'll get to relax and pamper yourself a little. You deserve it. 




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